Emergency Veterinarian

Emergency vet Benton Harbor, MI.

As of July 1, 2015 the veterinarians at Nickerson Animal Health Center will no longer be taking after-hours emergency calls.  In the event of an emergency please contact one of the following veterinary emergency hospitals:

Southwest Michigan Animal Emergency Hospital
104 W. Cork Street
Kalamazoo, Mi. 49001
(269) 381-5228

North Central Veterinary Emergency Center
1645 S. U.S. Hwy. 421
Westville, IN. 46391
(219) 785-7300

The decision to no longer take after-hours emergency calls was not made lightly.  We wish to provide your pet/family member with the best care possible and continue to strive to do so.  However, on an after-hours emergency basis we are not equipped nor staffed to provide the best care for your pet.  After-hour emergencies require 24 hour around-the-clock care and are best treated at an emergency hospital that can provide that care.  It is now considered to be below the standard of care for us to provide anything less than the treatment and monitoring that a 24 hour emergency veterinary hospital can provide.  Thank you for your understanding of this decision.