What to Expect

What to expect with your new pet

We provide timely and gentle treatment for your sick animal in addition to preventative health care. We believe that regular check-ups can detect diseases in the early stages which will improve your pet's ability to respond to treatment and recover or to slow a disease process.

The aging process of pets is very accelerated when compared to people. Therefore we recommend routine blood tests and examinations at ages that may seem young to us. Experts consider pets to be "seniors" at 6 or 7 years of age!

Our Services:

  • General examination and treatment of dogs, cats, pocket pets, rabbits, etc.
  • In-house, immediate results for primary blood tests
  • Extensive referral laboratory testing
  • A variety of soft tissue surgeries and select orthopedic surgeries
  • Laser surgery that reduces pain, swelling, and hemorrhaging and promotes quicker healing and recovery
  • Advanced dentistry including dental radiology (x-ray) technology and high speed, state of the art dental equipment. Our doctors evaluate your pet's oral hygiene and perform the medical treatments.
  • Digital radiography means faster results, wireless review of the images within the practice, and copies that can be emailed to specialists or produced for owners to take home.
  • Microchips can be inserted under the skin to permanently identify a pet. Our microchips are accepted for international travel.
  • We monitor our anesthetized patient's blood pressure, heart rate and blood oxygen levels.
  • We use a variety of analgesics to hasten recovery and increase comfort levels.
  • We offer intrastate, interstate, and international health certificates.
  • We supply high quality foods for healthy pets and prescription foods for a variety of medical conditions.
  • We are able to administer chemotherapy under the direction of an oncologist.